Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Marketing Plan

So you’ve already set up a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and an Instagram profile for your business; great! Now all you need is an effective social media marketing plan to draw your audience in.
Data by Statista shows that there were over 2.3 billion social media users in 2016, with that number expecting to break 2.5 billion in 2017. These high adoption rates are due to the numerous benefits that social media brings us; aside from socialization proper, social media is offering new methods for users to connect with their favorite brands and for those brands to better serve their customers.

Social Media Marketing

Given that even niche social media pages have millions of users these days, there’s no question that social media is one of the hottest new digital marketing frontiers. Audiences on social sites like Facebook and Twitter have vast networks of friends and followers—meaning that savvy social media brands can reach hundreds of users by leveraging even a single piece of content at the right time.
Unfortunately, this high-tech gold rush won’t last forever. Social media sites are becoming saturated with brands hoping to get their share, increasing the level of competition and making it harder for individual brands to stand out.

Outsourced Creativity

Increased competition means that brands have to work twice as hard to get noticed in the crowded social media marketing arena. If content is unclear, unfocused, or underperforming, there’s no way it will make a dent in a packed news feed.
This is why so many brands are outsourcing content production to creative professionals. Content production teams can ensure that all writing done on your behalf is of the highest quality and tailored for consumption by the specific audiences your brand needs to target. Outsourced content production makes social media marketing a breeze—and guarantees your brand receives its piece of the digital marketing pie.