Facebook Posts – Monthly Subscription


Break Into Social Media with a Monthly Subscription for Facebook Posting

Social identities are a must for any brand these days. But have you ever gone to a brand’s page and found nothing but five year old comments and outdated contact info? In many ways, a dusty social media page is worse than no social media page at all.

This is why pixie.digital offers a wealth of social media subscription services for your online brand. Regular posting gives the impression of an active brand that is eager to share value with its followers. Our team of content experts will examine your market, your market’s preferences, and emerging online trends to craft the type of material that will get your brand noticed.


Your Customers Are On Facebook

With 2.5 billion users on social media, a brand’s social media presence is more important than ever before. This is particularly true for Facebook, one of the biggest social networks out there. Regardless of industry, you can bet that your customers will be active on Facebook. This is why pixie.digital has made social media marketing through Facebook one of our key offerings for clients: From research to topic generation to content creation, pixie.digital can help you take your social media marketing to the next level.

Drive Leads with Facebook

Social media can be a powerful way to entice leads, provide education to followers, and increase the ROI of your marketing. The secret is customization to your brand’s target audience. We don’t just generate a few basic posts and call it a day; pixie.digital performs exhaustive research on your audience to guarantee that each post is targeted, specific, and value-driving for your organization.