Read Lips with an Audio or Video Transcription

When you need text transcriptions pulled from audio or video files, will be there to help.

Our team of experts can take A/V files of any format and transcribe them quickly and accurately for your business use. From meetings to interviews to conferences, our clean transcriptions turn speech to text and give you an easy way to digitally archive your recorded files. The hand-picked team of professionals taking on this task boasts a 99% (or higher) accuracy rate, along with our usual guarantees of information safety and data security.

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Accurate, Affordable Transcriptions

Our team of professional transcription specialists will take each of your audio and video files and create the text files you need to manage your business. Our trained staff has years of experience reviewing digital audio and transcribing to text in a clean and efficient manner. We guarantee accuracy of 99% or higher for every transcription performed due to our exclusive use of transcribing experts—no speech-to-text tools are used, ever.

Safe and Secure

Data security is a must these days, and has committed itself to this goal for each of our clients. If your files have sensitive information or customer data on them, you can feel safe knowing that all members of the team are trained in proper handling of digital information. Plus, our servers feature top-of-the-line security and malware protection to guarantee safety no matter what challenges arise.

Multiple Audio and Video Formats

We can accept your audio and video in almost any format—we have yet to find a file we can’t crack. The most common types of files we handle include: MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG and WAV.

We are Transcription Experts

Like all services offered by, our transcription specialists undergo significant training before handling customer files. This ensures that each of our team is efficient, accurate, and flexible enough to handle any type of transcription file you throw our way.