White Papers – Monthly Subscription


Get Technical with a Comprehensive White Paper Subscription

White papers are an essential marketing tool for businesses. Like case studies, white papers provide concrete data and defensible business practices to readers. These types of materials are great at establishing trust and authority with an audience, and they can be effective tools for setting yourself apart from the competition.

At pixie.digital, our white paper subscription service can be tailored to your exact business needs. No matter what size of business or budget you have, our expert team will perform the necessary research to create high-impact white papers that demonstrate your brand authority. When it comes to winning over an audience with facts and data, there’s no better answer than monthly white papers.


Your Prospects Want Details

White papers excel at providing details in understandable ways. Often, these details get lost in the cracks during discussions with salespeople or during reviews of company websites. Your customers need a way to learn about the high-level concepts, product information, and service quality that makes your brand great.

White Papers Sell Your Service

Decision-makers in each organization require as much information as possible when comparing products and services. Often, the final decision comes down to which company can better explain their services. Well-written white papers serve this goal, clearly laying out the details of what you have to offer for whoever is researching your brand. Quality white papers also convey other information about your brand, such as what kind of support your brand offers, whether you’ll stand behind your product, and what kind of relationship you’ll build with you customers. Detailed white papers support your brand and bolster your customers’ confidence in your service.

Quality Counts

Detailed white papers are complex and require a thorough understanding of the subject matter. But that’s not all—white papers must also convey information in logical and understandable ways. This is where pixie.digital comes in. Our expert marketers and writers craft documents that are simple, clean, and easy to read. Across subject matter, audience, and tone, our team of content creators produce high-quality documents that will sell your company.

We Only Hire the Best

Only the highest quality writers are hired at pixie.digital. Each of our team members have years of experience in writing, communication, and concept creation—all of which are brought to work for your brand. We’re passionate about promoting our clients in the best light possible, and we’re excited to help you succeed at what you do best.