White Papers


Dig in Deep White Papers

When articles aren’t enough and blogs are too brief, businesses turn to the next level of industry content: White papers.

White papers are longer and more complex than the average piece of content, featuring statistics and narratives that guide readers through an idea and promote its value. Understandably, white papers are a critical part of online marketing and require expertise to create. pixie.digital's experienced marketers will take on the job, crafting high-level industry white papers that provide in-depth value to readers. Our team has a basis in journalism and is composed of expert researchers – just what you need to create authentic and compelling white papers to persuade your prospects.


Your Prospects Want Detailed Information

Complex products and services require detailed information. Customers need in-depth details they can’t get from salespeople or a website, which is where white papers come in. These materials are ideal for explaining the ideas and concepts that will convince customer to trust and buy from you.

Well Written White Papers Sell

People make decisions for their organizations based on detailed comparisons of products and services. Quite often the decision to buy from one company over another comes down to how well the players convey the details—And a well-written white paper written to clearly expand on mission-critical details can make all the difference for the person doing the research. Great white papers also give customers an idea of how your partnership will work in the future; what kind of support they’ll get, whether you’ll stand behind your product, and the trust you’ll establish moving forward. Detailed white papers give prospects confidence in you and the quality of your organization.

Our Expert Writers Can Engage and Inform

It’s not enough to simply document the details—quality white papers help readers connect with the subject matter. Boring text drives readers away, making it essential that white papers are written in engaging ways. Our expert marketers and writers craft documents that are both informative and easy to read. These documents cover not only the specific of the product, but also take into account your audience, required tone, and long-term goals to create a powerful document that sells your company.

We Only Hire the Best

Pixie.digital hires only top-educated writers who have proven their ability to communicate effectively. We’re a thoughtful group of experienced professionals who are passionate about promoting our clients in the best light possible. Let us help you shine a light on what you do best.