You Don’t Need to Be an Expert to Produce Expert Content

Blank paper waiting for idea with mans hand and pen

Make a case, provide supporting evidence, and move readers to take action. It’s a low-cost, high-reward system of marketing that produces demonstrable benefits for the businesses that excel at it.
But really, that’s the trick—excelling at content production. Not just any words will produce results that drive a sustainable ROI. This challenge can be tough to overcome, particularly for marketers tasked with developing content for their subsidiary clients. If you’re not an expert in the industry, how can you guarantee thoughtful and high-quality content?

Knowledge by Proxy

This is where outsourced writing services come in. Creative professionals who specialize in content production can ensure that all writing on your behalf meets the industry standard for quality. But the value doesn’t end at proper grammar—outsourced writing teams perform another critical function: Industry research.
Outsourced teams have years of experience working with clients across a diverse range of verticals. A critical function of third-party writing services is to not only craft their clients’ words into gold, but to go beyond the basic and research in-depth concepts that form the backbone of quality content. Add to this writers who have a background in a particular industry, and you have the makings of thought leadership-level content.

Help Them Help You

For best results when working with your outsourced writers:

  • Leverage the writer’s knowledge and research alongside your own industry expertise by giving them insights they can’t find elsewhere
  • Provide feedback after each draft and work together to refine each piece of content before publishing
  • Remember to communicate; even when outsourcing, the best possible product comes from collaboration between multiple minds. Think of it as a marriage between your industry expertise and their ability to craft those thoughts into highly marketable content

With this option on the table, no marketer or executive can use lack of expertise as an excuse for not producing content. If you’re feeling stuck on your content marketing journey, reach out to a third-party digital content producer and see how they can help you along in the process.