How to Get Noticed on the World’s Most Popular Social Media Site

As of 2017, Facebook had nearly 2 billion monthly active users. Without a doubt, Facebook is the world’s most popular social media site. And of course, with so many users offering their undivided attention to the social network, there have been plenty of businesses and marketers who have tried to get on the action. Unfortunately, Facebook’s blessing is also its curse when it comes to marketing: The wealth of users makes it difficult to get noticed.

Getting Seen on Facebook

There are so many profiles making noise on Facebook that brands easily get lost in the shuffle.
Take Facebook’s Ad Auction as an example. You can’t just “buy” ad space on Facebook in the traditional sense—it must be purchased through a bidding auction. This process takes several factors into account:

  • Your bid total
  • The likelihood of your market to take action on the ad
  • Ad relevance and quality

These factors were set by Facebook to cater to both advertisers and users: Advertisers want to get seen, users want to see only the content relevant to their interests. What this means for marketers is that content relevance and quality are just as important as how much you’re willing to spend. Even if you have a limitless budget, Facebook won’t post just anything.

Expert Content Is Essential

Marketers hoping to get a piece of Facebook’s huge user base need to guarantee that all material posted is of the highest quality. Of course, nothing is stopping brands from skipping paid ads and just posting their own content, but the outcome is the same. In the sea of Facebook data, only the truly exceptional material rises to the top.
Don’t be shy about reaching out to an outsourced content producer to give you a hand, here. Creative professionals know how to craft the content that viewers crave—and how to help your brand get seen on the world’s biggest social network.