Keeping Up with the Content

We all know how important content writing is for digital marketing, but a well-structured content campaign is more than just a blog article here and there. Content marketing campaigns are coordinated marketing efforts deployed over weeks and months, and there’s a lot of content to produce for even the most basic of blogging campaigns. As your business scales and your digital marketing presence expands, your campaign sophistication will evolve accordingly:

These four categories are the most common, but they’re only the tip of the inbound marketing iceberg. Add in social media (of which there are literally dozens of options), guides, evolving webpages, guest pieces, thought leadership essays, industry publications, and more, and it’s no wonder larger organization hire entire departments just to maintain their digital and inbound marketing campaigns.

Production Strategies

There are several ways it can still address the never-ending need for content.
Create an in-house writing team
When content needs are regular, many businesses start small with a dedicated, core, in-house writing team to handle production (sometimes comprising as little as one writer and an editor). These teams provide unilateral control over the material produced, but require significant investments in hiring, payroll, and administrative costs (on top of your content production expenses).

But what if your business doesn’t have the budget for all those hires?

Outsource to freelancers
There are many freelance marketplaces out there these days that connects business owners to huge pools of talent. You can find plenty of people willing to work for cheap, but these sites offer no guarantee of quality, and it can be difficult to establish consistency.

Outsource to creative teams
The third door involves outsourcing your writing to teams of creative professionals, many of whom offer additional marketing and consulting services to improve your business growth. These teams take a professional approach to writing, usually offering money-back guarantees, structured workflows for content creation, and professional expertise that’s hard to find elsewhere.

While businesses of all sizes are leveraging these strategies to achieve their content writing goals, the best results will come from writers who have the experience and skill to bring your marketing goals to life.