The Reason You Aren’t Blogging

It’s no secret that marketing has undergone a drastic shift since the advent of the internet. Businesses are reaping the benefits of low-cost, multichannel online marketing strategies and establishing themselves as thought leaders in their industries.

Of these strategies, content writing has become an inseparable part of finding value through your online presence. So why aren’t you doing it?

Finding a Balance

We’re willing to bet that the reason you aren’t blogging is time. You don’t have enough of it.
Proper content marketing can be a long process, and most top-level executives can’t afford to devote their limited energy to the goal. This usually means that blogging duties get delegated to other staff members, but this solution presents a new challenge in the way of expertise.

Plenty of employees can crank out a blog article given enough time, but a last-minute blog fired off by an over-caffeinated intern and a structured piece of marketing content are different. Few staff members will be able to write copy that produces results.

This balance of quality and efficiency is why you aren’t blogging. Neither top-level executives nor lower-level employees have the perfect balance of time and knowledge to produce value-driving copy. To find a solution, we suggest opening door number three: Outsourcing your blogging to a content services provider.

Outsourced Services

Third-party marketing companies take ownership over your blog and work with your in-house teams to develop high-impact marketing copy that drives value for your business.

The great thing about these services is that they take the burden of content creation off your shoulders along with guaranteeing that your articles will be in the hands of career writers who can do the job well. For overworked executives who want to expand their brand’s online presence without expanding their workload, outsourced content creation is the way to go.