The Secret to Building an Effective Website

We get it. It’s not easy to build an effective website. The process is long and full of testing, retesting, and nitpicking your past decisions over and over. And while many of the decisions you make about your site are minutia that won’t really matter one way or the other, don’t be fooled into thinking your site copy is one of them. The biggest mistake you can make (or already have made) is trying to write your own website copy.

Why You Need Professional Writers

Most site owners have a budget and try to cut corners where they can. Naturally, anyone can pick at a keyboard—so why not write up the pages on your own? This is a mistake for several reasons:

  • Writing is a skill: Everybody can write, but not everybody can write well. The goal of your website is to give a good impression to potential customers, and nothing will make them lose faith in you faster than shoddy grammar and incomplete thoughts.
  • Copy must inspire action: Those with collegiate writing experience or those who blog routinely may believe they have the chops to write effective site copy, but this isn’t always true. Site copy isn’t just words on a page; it’s a dance of informative persuasion. Copywriters spend years mastering their craft—don’t expect untrained writers to do the job.
  • Competition is fierce: Succeeding in business means being better than your competition. And in our world of hyper-focused web design and continual optimization, sloppy site copy won’t cut it. If your competitors employ high-quality writers to build their site, you can bet their page will have a level of professionalism and will drive more sales than a slapdash job ever could.
  • Outsourced Creative Services

    Fortunately, there’s no shortage of creative talent out there. If you’ve made the mistake of writing your own site copy, don’t be afraid to reach out to a third-party creative team who can assess your needs and provide copy that converts.