Your Twitter Marketing How-To

The power of the Tweet has taken the world by storm. While it seemed like nothing more than a novelty back in 2006, Twitter has proven itself over the past decade as an excellent platform for both communication and brand marketing.
But with 328 million active users as of 2017, there’s plenty of debate on the “best” way to market yourself on Twitter. Keep these tips in mind as you develop your content strategy:

  • Keep it brief: Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet for good reason—it forces users to keep their comments short, sweet, and to the point. Posts that span multiple tweets are cumbersome to read.
    Repeat the Tweet: Twitter moves fast—many of your followers will miss Tweets you post. Don’t be afraid to repost content—with some re-wording to avoid the site’s duplicate content filter—to increase engagement without having to generate completely new material.
  • Use chats: But Twitter isn’t just about tweets. Twitter chats offer the perfect way to engage with niche audiences with minimal effort on your part. Join the discussion on relevant topics, but be careful about being too “sales-y.” The idea here is to provide value to the discussion and generate leads, not close the deal.
  • Hashtagging: Despite how prolific hashtagging has become in the internet zeitgeist, plenty of folks still do it wrong. It’s not just about dropping keyword mentions; it’s about bolstering your other marketing goals. Create brand-specific hashtags and hashtags that are specifically tailored to draw interest to your content or calls-to-action.

Twitter Strategies

These are just a primer on some of our favorite ways to market on Twitter, but the options are nearly limitless. Outsourced content providers can take ownership of this process on your behalf and guarantee that each Tweet posted on your account is powerful, engaging, and optimized for each of your viewers.