Keeping Up with the Content

We all know how important content writing is for digital marketing, but a well-structured content campaign is more than just a blog article here and there. Content marketing campaigns are coordinated marketing efforts deployed over weeks and months, and there’s a lot of content to produce for even the most basic of blogging campaigns. As your business scales and your … Read More

How Blogging Makes It 13x More Likely You’ll Achieve a Positive ROI

According to the marketing gurus at Hubspot, marketers who included a robust blogging campaign in their digital strategies were 13 times more likely to enjoy a positive ROI on their efforts. Why is it so powerful? The reasons all boil down to several key concepts that are inherent to content marketing: Blogging demonstrates authority – Particularly important for business-to-business enterprise, … Read More

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Marketing Plan

So you’ve already set up a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and an Instagram profile for your business; great! Now all you need is an effective social media marketing plan to draw your audience in. Data by Statista shows that there were over 2.3 billion social media users in 2016, with that number expecting to break 2.5 billion in 2017. … Read More

The Secret to Building an Effective Website

We get it. It’s not easy to build an effective website. The process is long and full of testing, retesting, and nitpicking your past decisions over and over. And while many of the decisions you make about your site are minutia that won’t really matter one way or the other, don’t be fooled into thinking your site copy is one … Read More

How to Build an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Do you have what it takes to build an effective content marketing strategy? Has your team developed a content calendar with specific content styles? Does your team have any idea what building a content strategy even means? If you answered “No” to any of these questions, worry not—Pixie Digital has your back. Elements of Effective Content Marketing Strategy While content … Read More

What is the Buyer’s Journey?

The buyer’s journey is a central paradigm of digital marketing. Different markets go through the stages of the process at different rates, but it always boils down to the big three. Because of the difference in a buyer’s motives throughout the process, content needs to be tailored to their stage in the cycle. The buyer’s journey is divided into three … Read More

Your Twitter Marketing How-To

The power of the Tweet has taken the world by storm. While it seemed like nothing more than a novelty back in 2006, Twitter has proven itself over the past decade as an excellent platform for both communication and brand marketing. But with 328 million active users as of 2017, there’s plenty of debate on the “best” way to market … Read More

The Big Short: Writing for Readers Who Scan

Nobody reads these days. Actually, let us rephrase that—nobody reads word-for-word these days, especially not on the internet. Check out the data by research group Nielsen Norman: According to their research, only 16 percent of readers read a web page word-for-word. So, with nearly one-in-six readers scanning your content, it’s in your best interest to make it as simple and … Read More

Lost In Translation: The Pitfalls of Translator Error

Have you ever tried to watch a foreign film with poorly translated subtitles? Depending on how egregiously bad they were, you probably sat through a few minutes of the babble before eventually giving up and throwing on Netflix. Now take that frustration, multiply it by a thousand, and add a dose of public embarrassment—this is the fate of businesses without … Read More

Weaving Content Into Your Other Marketing Tools

You may not have noticed it, but in the world of marketing, content is everything. It’s what engages with your readers and turns casual visitors into customers. However, content isn’t actually everything. Without a good marketing campaign, your content is doing little more than providing information. And if that’s your goal, you may want to switch over to a more … Read More